Saturday, July 25, 2009


My whole family (minus Camryn and Brooklyn) went to Hawaii to
fetch Tanner from his mission. We had a BLAST! We went to Oahu
for 2 days and went to Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural
Center. My mom's cousin Lani (who lives on Oahu) met us and
showed us the ropes, she also made us great food, and we had a
great time with her and her beautiful children. Then we flew to
Kauai and did everything there possible was to do. We :
*went to the beach
*went snorkeling
*scuba diving
*some took surfing lessons
*ate Puka Dogs
*had shaved ice
*saw turtles
*saw dolphins
*hiked to water falls
*had lots of mango, papaya, pineapple
*went to the beach some more
*swam in the pool
*got in the hot tub
*saw monk seals
*drank lots of smoothies
*ate poke
*boogie boarded
*cliff jumped
*got sunburned
*went to church
*watched grandpa eat poi
*met some of Tanner's friends
*watched movies
*saw where Jurrasic Park, South Pacific, 6 days nights,and
the old King Kong were filmed
*got sea sick(that mainly refers to myself, my dad, and
Matthew, our apologies go out to the other 15 passengers
on our boat)
*played with the cutest nieces ever on the beach
*watched fire knife dances
*ate some GOOD crab cakes, & shrimp
*went to the beach some more

I am quite sure I could relocate to Hawaii and never feel
a moments sadness. But it was also so incredible to see
Tanner again, he is still the same old Tanner I and know
and love, just more mature and spiritual (maybe just
more spiritually mature) . So maybe my family, and
Moose, and all my friends will just have to come with me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Running For Robert

I have always loved the 4th of July, and this year had a very special meaning to my family. In March my uncle Robert was killed in an avalanche while snowmobiling, and Robert LOVED to run. Last year it was so important to him to get us all up to Soda Springs Idaho to run in the annual 5K. So this year the race was dedicated to Robert and raised money to help kids who can't afford running apparel and shoes, which was so near to Robert's heart. My dad came out for the race, everyone signed up and donated money, and members of my family who haven't ran more than a 100 meters at a time finished the race, and finished fast! I really was so proud to be a part of the Clark family! We joined together and really honored Robert's memory. It was a special weekend! This picture is my dad and his brother Wade, sister Patti, and my grandma before the race.

Before the race, and yes Ryan always poses!
I made Ryan carry the camera while we ran, and he was a good sport. This is my aunt Sue, Roberts wife, and his daughter Sydnie at the very beginning of the race!

This is me at the finish, I cut almost 10 minutes off my time last year. Steff did incredible! She was so fast, and look at those legs!
This is my brother Nic, who has had several knee surgeries and NEVER runs! And he did it fast!
This my dad and aunt Patti, my dad didn't start training until the 1st of June, he also had a knee injury, and had to overcome the altitude change! Oh yea, and he's old!
My dad and Nic at the finish line, don't they look happy to be done?

This is my grandma walking across the finish line in her snazzy new running shoes!