Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clark Planetarium

Saturday night we went up to Salt Lake with our friends Kris and Scott and had THE best Pizza I have had in a very long time, I finished an entire one myself, in my defense, so did Kris, then we went to the Clark Planetarium and saw the new under water 3d film at the imax. It really was so cool. It was soooo funny to watch all the little kids and Ryan reaching out trying to touch the animals the whole film. Jim Carrey was the narrator and it was awesome to watch, we were all in agreement it got a little preachy towards the end but overall was a hit, and we became very familarized with the cuddle fish, which I had never heard of until then. All it really made me want to do is go scuba diving in New Guinea, and the Australia. All in good time, you'll see!

Oh and one more thing, How cute is he?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to the Seanster!!!

This is a couple of hours early but............Happy 16th Birthday Sean!
Sean is my youngest brother and here are a couple reasons why I think he is the best...
1. He laughs at ALL my jokes!
2. He gets excited when I come home to Ohio!
3. When he is walking behind someone, he steps exactly where they do!*also something I do
4. He doesn't like his food to touch!*also something I don't like**he is making great strides though and no longer has to finish eating one food before he starts on something else on his plate
5. He ALWAYS has skittles! *something I like because then I can steal them
6. He is an incredible athlete
7. He is freakishly smart! Like when the tsunami happened in Thailand as a seven year old he could tell us all exactly what the scientific signs of a tsunami are and how to tell if one was coming!
8. If you ask him to do something his answer is always...."SURE".......always.
9. He likes my cheesecake
10. He is always up for playing Boggle and Quiddler! which are two of my favorite games
11. He is just so darn cute!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, after the half marathon that Ryan and I ran I decided to do a full marathon which was great because my friend Roni is signed up to do the Ogden Marathon in May. So i got online to sign up but the race is full! So I am going to sign up for either the Logan marathon in Se
pt or the Bear Lake but I need a buddy to run with, I don't think I can do it alone....any takers? Steff?

This is Ryan and I in Moab. We did not train as well as we could have, but when I watched the Biggest Loser and they had to run a half marathon I was inspired and knew we could do it. Our time was 2hrs and 4 minutes, we only stopped once to walk for a minute. But it was a beautiful run and an incredible day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What we've been up to?

So , Ryan and I have had a pretty busy last couple of weeks. First, we went on a cruise with a lot of our friends and we had so much FUN!! I got scuba certified and found my new favorite thing to do in life, hopefully someday we will move to Mexico live on the Beach and own our own scuba shop! That's realistic, Right?

A few weeks later my uncle was killed in an avalanche while snowmobiling it was a tragic accident that has affected my family deeply. He was one of the funniest men I have ever known, he was also the most giving and goofy. He taught me how to waterski, wakeboard, and inspired me to start running! He made vacations fun and family parties a riot!

Then, we Finally Got Married!!

Last but not least, we got a Puppy!! Not just any puppy, the cutest puppy in the world. His name is Moose, and he is an english bulldog. He is the best little addition we could ask for!