Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Fun in the Sun

    One day while my parents were in town we headed to the American Fork Rec Center.  It's such a fun pool and it is 2 min from our house! Every one had lots of fun and we beat out the storm!

      Racail was nice enough to come over and take the kids for some horse rides and all the kids loved it!  Here's Kendyl and Nixon on Fancy Pants.

 Racial and Sean made sure none of the kids got hurt.  Although these horses are so well trained and gently, I can't imagine that ever happening!

Monday, July 30, 2012

   Sean needed one last run on the lake before his two year hiatus.  So Nic and Steff were generous enough to take us out on Pineview Reservoir.  When we first got there it was raining so we waited out the weather at Huntsville BBQ (which was super yummy!!) then there wasn't a soul out on the lake and we had it all to ourselves!

  What a talented bunch of people...huh?!!

Goob and Sue Get Married!!!

 Goob(Robert) and Sue got married! The ceremony was at my Uncle Wade's house and it was beautiful! It was such a sweet ceremony and these two are soo in love!
   My dad walked Sue down the aisle and Wade married them.

   Sue and her looked so beautiful and the Goodenough boys looked super handsome!
   We are so happy they are a part of our family!
   And then we partied! They had so much yummy food! And then we danced and danced and danced!

Horses, Horses, Horses!!!

    My good friend Racail, who is also my piano teacher, asked if her horses could stay at our house for a couple weeks.  The horses live in Beaver and she brought them up so all the neighborhood kids could ride, and take care of them.  We have LOVED having them here! It has been so fun watching all the little kids come over every morning and every night to feed and groom them! Plus.....Hudson is obsessed!! He loves the horses and the kids that come over everyday and they are so cute with Hudson.   Kennedy is his little babysitter in our ward, she is holding him in the picture above with Black Beauty!
   Kristen is Racail's daughter and she is the cutest little thing.  I'm hoping Sean will marry her older sister when he gets back from his mission.(Yes I am that crazy!)
   This is Cohen and Titan, in our ward, and we couldn't pull them off the horse!
    One night we went to the equestrian park right by our house and really rode the horses.
  This is Carter Jex and Racail with Hudson and Black Beauty.  The other horse is Fancy Pants and I don't know why I don't have any pictures of her!  More to come......Hudson wakes up everyday asking about the horsies and waits by the back door waiting for the kids to come get him to take him to see the horsies!  We'll all be heartbroken when they have to go home!