Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day

On Christmas Eve day Nana and Papa were so nice and volunteered to stay home with the babies and we went snowmobiling/sledding for the afternoon. It was such a nice day, and even though we had to go pretty far to get to some snow, we had so much fun!

Hudson loves his Papa.....maybe cause they look alike!
For Christmas Eve Grandma and Grandpa Schenk came and joined us for our traditional Clark family Christmas Eve dinner of steak and crab.(My favorite tradition) We went around the table and talked about each of our favorite Christmas. It was fun to hear what everybody had to say and it brought back lots of memories.

We had to sprinkle our reindeer food on the lawn so Rudolph would be more attracted to our house then anyone elses.
Then we read the scriptures and acted out Luke 2.( Notice Tanner's version of the wisemen)
Nic and his girls sang a special song for us! They are quite the performers.
All the kids got jammies, the girls got cute robes and slippers, and Nix and Hudson got more manly pjs.
Christmas morning was so special! It was so fun to be with little kiddos who were so excited about everything! And it didn't hurt that it was our first Christmas with this little guy, who loved his Elmo book!

Ryan and Sean got matching shirts from different people.
The Nelson's were very pleased with their loot this year. My parents gave us southern Caribbean cruise in April with my siblings, and I got a beautiful formal dress to wear on the cruise that Ryan's work gave us for a Christmas bonus! After we had breakfast we went to church in Eden and they had a beautiful Christmas program,which was a nice way to help us remember our Savior on his special day!

Our little gathering would not be complete without a Just Dance session, and lucky for the adults, Camryn and Brooklyn got the new one for Christmas!

We had a wonderful, and lovely Christmas day!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Clark Party Time!!

This year for Christmas the Clark's headed up to Eden, Utah to stay at Steff's parents house. We've stayed there several times and it is a beautiful, large home in one of the prettiest places in Utah! Thursday we all went up there (minus Ryan, he had to work Friday) and ate at this delicious BBQ place that Nic told us about and it was incredible, I wouldn't put it past myself to drive up there just for the delicious House BBQ Sauce.
Hudson is soo slobbery in all of these pictures, and he had a rough weekend. I don't think he ever slept longer than 2 hours at a time. Today I found the culprit......a large front tooth making its way down through his gums. But he still had so much fun with his cute cousins, fun aunts and uncles and his Nana and Papa who spoil him!
Friday we hung out and prepared for the Big Extended Clark family party.

Patti and Kurt bracing themselves for the white elephant gift exchange that always gets out of control with inappropriate gifts and crude humor.......we LOVE it and this year was absolutely no exception!
Hudson opening his gift, which turned out to be markers.
Matt got this super creepy face mask, which is made for extremely cold weather, or filming horror movies.
These two best buddies were pretty cute together all weekend, when Hudson wasn't throwing a fit.
Steff is now a certified Zumba instructor, so we made her teach a class every morning while we were there! We had a blast and she is going to be an AWESOME instructor! I apologize for these pictures in advance, I just thought they were funny!

We had to go cool off outside after wards because we were so sweaty.....
.....ok...Patti was sooo sweaty, the rest of us were just reasonably sweaty!(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dance Recital

Aunt Patti, Uncle Kurt,and Taylor came and stayed with us last weekend because Clark had a basketball tournament, we had so much fun with them and LOVE spending time with them! We went to one of Clark's games and this is how we were entertained! They were losing pretty badly..
Saturday, Maegen had a dance recital and H loved sitting in his own seat! She did a beautiful ballet number to "The Carol of the Bells" which is one of my all time favorite songs ever!! And she was absolutely beautiful, I might have cried a little.

And of course we all met at Kneader's afterwards!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hudson's Christmas Pictures

We think they're pretty cute!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

If my phone could talk(or show you the pictures I've taken)

When I was going through the pictures on my phone recently I saw these pictures that I'd forgotten about and thought they were too cute not to share.