Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 8

Today is supposed to be picture of myself at 2. I don't have any pictures of me at the age of 2. So we're switching it up to my most recent purchases. Poor baby Hudson (no that's not the official name but I'm hoping the more I put it out there, the Ry-ster will come around) doesn't really have anything to call his own. With t minus 6 weeks and counting I am quite behind on the baby equipment. I do, however, have my diaper bag and his baby bedding! The important things....right? Thought so!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

6 & 7

Whoopsies.........I got a little caught up in my lazy relaxing Saturday and completely forgot to post. So yesterday was my favorite restaurant....I consider myself to be a little of a foodie. I love cooking but I also LOVE going out and trying new restaurants. I feel like to name one restaurant would be way to picking a favorite movie. I need categories.

Everyday Category- Subway (I actually do eat here almost everyday and I've ALWAYS wanted to work there) However I live right next to Heavenly Ham and it's closing in.

Ethnic- Thai Ruby in Provo, the best Thai food ever

Pizza-Settebello's- SLC best authentic Italian

Mexican- Hacienda Colorado in Denver- a recent favorite but I LOVE the chicken fajitas

Burger- The Cherry Cricket- also a recent favorite but I think it's the best burger I've ever had. Also I love Burger Supreme's bacon cheeseburger. I went through a bit of a phase when I was getting scuba certified and kind got burnt out. However I think I'm ready for it again in my life on my next trip to Utah which is this weekend.......Hooray!

Hotdog-Puka Dog in Kaui- first let me say I am not a hot dog fan. But we went back to this place three times on vacation and I would let it be a deciding factor for which island I go to next time I'm in Hawaii.

Now that my mouth is watering...onto #7 a picture of me two years ago.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 5

Five Things I Love About My Parents
1. When I was in high school I was involved in a lot of activities and had 4 brothers who were also super involved, and I can't think of a single time that 1 or both of my parents weren't there. They never ever missed volleyball games, basketball games, track, gymnastics, choir concerts, awards assemblies, fbla competitions, church activities. It's quite a record!

2. Most of the crazy/dangerous/scary activities I've done in my has been in the company of my parents. And it was probably their idea.

3. They love a good party!

4.They are super super active, they're hard to keep up with. I don't think they ever relax.

5. They're the best grandparents, and I know that if I ever needed anything they would be on the next flight within the hour.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coolest Thing(s) I've Ever Done

1. While we were in Puerto Rico with my family, one night we went and kayaked into the Bioluminescent Bay. It's hard to explain in words how cool it was so I'll use some one else's.
"Hidden along the Caribbean coast is one of the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs. A trip into the bay on a balmy night is a magical experience. Fish flash by in dark water, and a swim is like floating through stardust." - Captain Sharon Grasso
It was like being on the set of Avatar! Magical!

2. A year ago when we were in Grand Cayman we went to Stingray City. I was expecting a shallow pool with stingrays swimming around that you could touch if you wanted. When we met our guides we hopped on boats and they took us 5 miles out in the ocean to a sandbar. The water was crystal clear and we could see tons of stingrays from the boat. We spent hours feeding them and swimming with them. It was incredible!

3. The final thing is when my dad took my skydiving for high school graduation. It was terrifying and exciting and one of the coolest things I've ever done. I don't know if my dad would do it again but we had a blast! PS the guy in the photo is not my dad

Thanks for the photos Steff!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 2 & 3

I have a lot of favorite recipes, I love to cook and try new things but the one I'm going to post is a delicious fattening comfort food. I love the idea of having a giant bowl of pasta to have in the middle of the table that everyone can dish themselves. It's kind of a take on chicken alfredo, but I like it even more. *I like a lot of sauce on mine, so I double the sauce when I make it and serve some of it on the side to spoon over it if people want it.

Creamy Chicken on Linguine

1 TBS olive oil 1 cube chicken bouillon, crumbled
2 TBS butter 1/2 c water
1 clove garlic, minced 1 1/4 c heavy cream
6 chicken breast halves 3/4 c milk
1 (16oz ) package linguini pasta 4 green onions sliced into 1/2 in pieces
1 onion, chopped 1 c grated parmesan cheese

1. In a large saute pan, heat oil, butter and garlic over medium heat. Add chicken and cook until juices run clear. Remove chicken from pan let cool and slice diagonally into long strips. Reserve oil in pan.
2. meanwhile, cook pasta according to directions on package, drain.
3. Reheat oil in pan, add onion and saute, stirring often until onion is soft but still white. Add bullion cube and water; bring to a boil and simmer uncovered for about 10 min. Stir in cream, milk, green onions and parmesan cheese.
4. Place pasta in a bowl, layer chicken slices over pasta, pour sauce over top of chicken and around pasta. Serve immediately.

day 3

10 Things I Love about My Husband
  1. I think he is sooo funny and silly!
  2. He is very complimentary of me and everything I do.
  3. He is very goal oriented and can accomplish anything
  4. He likes to travel and have adventures as much as I do
  5. I know he is going to be a terrific father (he already is with Moosie)
  6. He keeps me grounded but at the same time can easily be talked into almost anything if I have a compelling argument
  7. *****innapropriate ***my dad reads this sometimes
  8. He is such a great and patient teacher
  9. He thinks I'm funny
  10. He understands the importance of always having really good treat

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 of 30

One of my friends from hair school was doing a blog everyday for 30 days and I thought it looked fun so here are the topics:
  1. picture of you today and what you did
  2. favorite recipe
  3. 10 things you love about your spouse
  4. coolest thing you've ever done
  5. 5 things you love about your parents
  6. favorite restaurant
  7. a picture of you from two years ago
  8. a picture of you at the age of two
  9. most recent purchase
  10. all about your pet
  11. picture of the town you live in
  12. picture and description of your favorite vacation
  13. a teacher who has meant the most to you
  14. description of the best day you've ever had
  15. favorite treat
  16. 15 random facts about you
  17. a photo of you and your family
  18. favorite book
  19. 5 dream house locations
  20. one thing you never sick of doing
  21. favorite holiday
  22. about your next vacation
  23. if you could change your name
  24. the funniest person you know
  25. favorite workout
  26. most scared you've ever been
  27. proudest accomplishment
  28. best friends
  29. favorite movie and tv show
  30. a picture of yourself and what you did today
So here goes for number 1 (but this is actually from yesterday so just pretend)

Today was Presidents day so Ryan had the day off work. We slept in and headed to the gym to work out. On a side note....I've decided in my tight spandex gym clothes my body resembles that of a chicken.. any way...we came home and had a breakfast of turkey bacon and cream of wheat. I realize that's probably what they serve daily at most nursing homes....but I love it and won't apologize for it. We got ready for the day and decided to go for a drive through the mountains. It was a beautiful day and we started off driving through Boulder, which is only 10 minutes from where we live. I made Ryan stop on Pearl Street (the down town main street with tons of shops) so I could try a cupcake place "Tees and Cakes". They had cool flavors like chocolate bacon, and girl scout cookie flavors- tagalongs and samoa, but they were a little dry.
We drove up the canyon by Boulder and drove to Nederland then to Estes Park. It was a pretty drive with beautiful scenery but we both agreed, Utah's canyon drives are prettier. (Sorry Colorado) On our way home we stopped at Ryan's favorite restaurant Popeyes and had fried chicken.
We had a lazy evening, I edited some photos and talked to my mom on the phone for a while... then we watched House and Gossip Girl. That counts as family home evening right? Overall a lovely day to end a lovely weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

26! AGH!

First, I can't believe I'm 26. I've never been concerned about age and that hasn't changed (ask me again in 15 years and that may be different) but that being said, I can't believe I'm on the downslope of my twenties. I wasn't expecting much on my birthday because we bought all new bedroom furniture in January and agreed it was a birthday present. But the night before Ryan asked me what my plans for the day were, I jokingly said I was going shopping all day, he replied, "well you can't go all day because I've made you some appointments at the spa starting at 12:30"!! So the next day I slept in, went to gym, had a lazy morning then made my way to the spa for 4 hours of complete pampering. It was wonderful!! I came home in time to head out for dinner at my new favorite mexican restaurant and then we headed to the theatre to see "Just Go With It", a movie he never would have agreed to had it not been my birthday. More surprises when he came home with a bag full of girl scout favorite and I thought I had missed out on this year. It was a great day...and I felt like a queen! Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know everyone thinks their husband is "The Best" so I'll tell you why my husband is "The Best" for me. Last week I felt so sick...flu sick. You also should know, it takes a lot to surprise me, I always know what presents I'm getting, I always find confirmation emails, I always know what someone has's like a sixth sense. So one day the doorbell rang and a man was there delivering flowers........I had no clue! Such a surprise and I was so happy. Then the next day there was another man at the door delivering a big box full of chocolate covered strawberries! He got me again, so unexpected! They were delicious and really hit the spot after feeling so sick all week! Last night to celebrate Valentine's Day I made chicken alfredo for dinner and we had chocolate fondue for dessert while watching our favorite Monday tv shows. A perfect little evening with me little family!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend in Utah!

We went to Utah to move all of our stuff out of our condo and spend some time with friends and family. Before I say anything else I need to thank every one who helped us move on Saturday. So a huge shout out to Nic, Kris and Scott, Celina and Adam, and our friend Matt! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! We have the best friends! I didn't take any pictures of the move but later that night we partied at Nic and Steff's. We went out to dinner had some delicious cupcakes for dessert then.........we danced!
Sorry Steff...........I couldn't Not post this!
Kendyl telling Moose all about the dance she just did!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a Quickie

I know I look like a true beauty in this picture but I haven't taken any other ones. This was right after I got home from the gym at 31 weeks. I'm not super big into taking belly pictures, but part of the fun of not being the one pregnant is getting to see how big everyone else gets so I thought I would indulge those who have requested one and make you feel a little better about yourself today!

And I did it!! I almost chickened out the morning I was getting it cut cause I felt like all the sudden my face was quite large. But I did it and I am so happy. I know this also isn't a great picture but Ryan wasn't home to take it. I'll put more up later but I'm knee deep in unpacked boxes gotta go for now.