Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cute Outfits and New Cousins

Nic and Steff's little baby boy was born on May 18. While we were waiting for the little guy to be born so we could take Cam, B, and Kendyl to meet him, we watched "The Land Before Time". These two little girlies are so cute with each other. I loved how they were sitting watching the movie.
And here he is. He weighed 7lbs 1oz and his mommy couldn't have looked better right after birth. We are sooo excited to have a little cousin so close to Hudson's age. Next up, little baby Elle.
Such proud big sisters and dad. At one point Nic said Nixon was hungry and Kendyl tried to feed him her graham cracker, so generous already!

Now onto the cute outfit! I thought I'd be sad not having a little girl to play dress up with. But in all honesty, it's just as fun to dress a little boy....just harder to find cute clothes.
Dear Matt and Kate,
I found you a house that I'd like you to buy. It's so nice and close to my house. Please consider it.


Monday, May 16, 2011

As of Late

We are all moved in! This little nest is in a tree right outside our master bedroom window.
I'm sure you've all noticed a little less Moose in the posts lately. Don't worry he's been very happy spending his days sunbathing, chasing birds, and exploring his new back yard. And the answer is yes, we are trying to grow dandelions all over our yard.

This is my niece Maegan. Everyone thinks we look alike (lucky girl) and her and Hudson love hanging out. And since we live so close now they get to see each other all the time!
This is my sister in law Eva, and she has been a life saver! She let's me work out in her gym at her house and watches Hudson while I exercise. She is so good with him! And always offers to take care of him if I need her. We couldn't do it with out her!
We finally got Hudson's crib and put it together and I love how it all came together with his bedding.
The top part of the crib looks black in this picture but it's actually brown. We got a dresser to match but it hasn't come in yet.
And last but not least Aunt Laurel and Hudson. This is one of my favorite pictures! As much as she gives Ryan a hard time, she sure loves his little boy! She makes sure to let Hudson know how naughty his dad is.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our New House

First, Hudson says "hello" this morning! We finally found and bought a house in Highland and we're hoping to move in in the next few days. The sellers live in Ireland so it's been a pain with getting all the paper work signed and back in the U.S

master bath
And my favorite part.......lockers outside the laundry room, right as you come in from the garage.
Our other favorite part is the big lot and fenced in back yard for Moosie to play in!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day obviously has a little different meaning this year than previous and I couldn't be more grateful! I love being a mom and I love my little man more than I ever thought I would. I am very blessed with the incredible mother that raised me. She is one of my best friends and I love spending time with her.

Hudson's first (actually second, the first pair are brown and don't fit yet) pair of Van's. Ryan thought it was very important that they match his.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Got Milk?

Happy Sunday

Nap Time

My boys love taking naps together! And aren't they cute?