Monday, January 31, 2011

K & C Come to Play!!

The day we got home from Puerto Rico I could not have been more depressed, it was gloomy and freezing and I had nothing fun to look forward to........and then I got a phone call from Celina and Kristen!! They called to tell me they were going to get tickets and come to Denver the last weekend in January. My awful mood was immediately turned right around! I have been so excited for weeks. So this past weekend they came to visit and it was incredible to see them! We had so much fun eating and talking and laughing. Friday night we went out to dinner in Boulder to a pizza place that was on Man vs Food. (I don't know what our obsessiong with that show is but I would go just about anywhere Adam tells me to) The pizza was huge with giant crust but it was delicious! Saturday we had a lazy morning...late breakfast...and went to get pedicures then to lunch. That night we went into Denver to a famous hamburger place, put our names in and during the wait we went to the Northface store. They were running a special promotion where you could pose in front of a green screen and they would print off your poster.

The restaurant mostly served hamburgers and there was list of about 20 ingredients that you could choose to put on your burger. Mine was a cheeseburger with a fried egg and bacon. Incredible!! It was the Best burger I have ever had! When Ryan was ordering he asked the waiter what he reccomended and he said the peanut butter with a fried egg! He said everyone is always hesistant but ends up loving that's what Ry got. And I was sceptical but it was surprisingly good.

The other perk was the giant cups!

These are our posters, they probably will be framed and hanging in our home next time you come to visit!

I have the best friends and it was good to see them! I'm sad I didn't more pictures but I was so distracted by food and laughing all weekend I just forgot. Thanks so much for coming you two!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for a Haircut!

For quite a while now I have been wanting to cut my hair, but I have held off because who chops their hair when they're 29 weeks pregnant and not feeling so hot about the way you look to begin with? I just don't care anymore....I love this haircut and I am ready(I think?) . Ryan thinks I should do it and when I saw my engagement picture at my mom's house the other day I thought it was so much more flattering than what I have now. So, what do you think? Should I do it, or will I hate myself weeks later when I have swollen up like a balloon?

Happy Belated Birthday!

We made it to Colorado a couple weeks ago and we are as settled as we can be. All of our furniture is still in Utah and we can't get it until the first weekend in February. Ryan's birthday was on the 13th (yes I know I am really late posting this) and for his birthday he got a new tv and a messenger bag. Since we have no furniture, we went got some cheap lawn chairs to tide us over. I realized how silly this must have looked to the cable guy when he came to set up our cable and internet, so I made sure he knew that our other furniture was on its way. We can't wait until we can get all of our stuff, but for it's kind of funny. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Puerto Rico continued.....

When Ryan and I first saw the movie Avatar, he told me on the way home that part if it reminded him of a place in Puerto Rico called the Bioluminescent Bay. So, one night around 8pm we went to the marina and got in kayaks and went through a channel that was surrounded by mangrove trees. As we were going through the channel it was pretty dark except whenever the water was disturbed, it glowed. Every time we rowed, the water glowed, if a fish swam by, it glowed. None of it seemed real, it was like a movie. The explanation behind it is there are dinoflagellates in the water that have the same properties as a firefly, so they glow. It's hard to explain in words, and unfortunately cameras can't capture it either but it was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

Matt and Averi hanging out on the beach.

Tanner snorkeling and trying to capture it on video.

This was in the "El Yunque" rainforest.

Ryan, Tanner, Sean, and my dad hiked up further for a better view.

Papa and Kendyl strolling on the beach.


One day we took a sailing trip out to an island where we snorkeled and hung out on the beach.

I LOVE this picture of Camryn and Brooklyn! They had so much fun playing in the water!

We had a blast on our vacation! I was sad to come home to the snow and cold but I'm so grateful for the chance we had to go on such an adventure with my family!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Puerto Rico Day 1

After Christmas this year, the whole Clark family headed to Puerto Rico for a little sun and adventure. Ryan lived there a few years ago so he was a pretty good tour guide. To start our trip off Nana, Papa, Sean, Tanner, Matt, Kate, and Averi got delayed in Columbus and weren't able to fly until much later. So, Ryan and I met Nic, Steff, Kendyl, Camryn, and Brooklyn in the airport in San Juan. It was adventure enough just getting our rental cars and finding our way to our house, but in the middle of downtown San Juan on the free way I got a text from Steff, who was behind us in the 14 passenger van, that their brakes and power steering had gone out. Thank heavens they were able to get safely off the freeway and coast into a gas station parking lot! Apparently these belts are supposed to be connected somewhere!! Who knew!

The next day we had wonderful weather and our house was right on the beach, so we spent the morning hanging out and playing on the beach. Here's Sean and Matt.

Nic, Steff, and Kendyl.
Now before I go any further I must say that Steff, Kate and I are all pregnant, so please keep your judgements to a minimum. I'm due April 12, Steff May25 and Kate June 15
(I think these are correct dates, I may be a little off)

Brooklyn played with this coconut all day long throwing it in the ocean and laughing when the tide brought it back up. It was so fun to play with all the little girls on the beach.

Me and Camryn building one of many sandcastles.

Later that day we headed to Old San Juan to see the old Spanish forts. This one is call El Morro.

Cutest little girls in the whole world.

Later we wandered around Old San Juan to try to find some where to eat dinner. We found the cutest little pizza place in a plaza with all these cool Christmas lights (Mel was then on a mission to try and find the same lights to take home)
This was New Years Eve. In the town square they had fake snow blowers and fire works going off.

Later back at the Clark villa, the party got WILD!!

Not really, I guess as wild as a family of Mormons including 3 pregnant women and 4 little girls can get!

Brace yourselves, this is only day 1!