Monday, December 21, 2009

Clark Family Christmas!!

Every Christmas season we look forward to the Clark Family Christmas party. We wonder how every year every one makes such good food and treats, and how hysterical everyone is!!! This year was no exception! We had a blast. The ones who were not there were very missed. Especially our dear uncle Robert who was killed last February, we all miss him very much and it's hard to get past the sadness. But I think he would have been proud. We had a fiesta this year, with mexican food, a pintata, lots of fun decorations, and of course....Tequila!!! just kidding! Steff's parents were generous to loan out their beautiful home in Pineview and we were so grateful. Some of the highlights were Nic's version of Feliz Navidad, catching Patti and Kurt making out in the pantry, snuggies, Nic and Tanner trying to do Syd and Quincie's flexibility trick, sugar cookie decorating at 8 am, watching old home videos of Robert going up the highest steepest mountains in Idaho and then watching him cling to the rock on Angels Landing saying"he was going to wet his pants" cause he was so scared.

The picture above is the pinata aftermath...unfortunately I think I ate most of the candy..
I love this picture of Camryn and Ryan!
Pinata remains
Sorry Kate and Steff, I couldn't resist giving this picture as my white elephant. I should be wayyy more embarassed.....but I'm not!
Ryan showing you can be tucked inside your snuggie and use your cell phone! Patti thought it was funny. (Just so you know, he picked this on his own free will)
Night time!
Tanner trying his flexibility trick
Decorating sugar cookies early the next morning!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shower Time!

One of my good friends Nicole is getting married!! So it was time for good food, presents, and lots of laughing. Nicole is hysterical, and brutally honest, which is why I love her! So Kristen, Melinda, and I planned a shower. The above picture is me, Kristen and Lauren.
food table
This is Melinda, me, Nicole(the bride), and Kristen! Love you girls!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Then what am I doing?!?

Last night Ryan and I were looking through all my pictures on my computer....and I'll admit....I have had a few chubby phases in my life...more than I'd like to admit. And Ryan made the comment " I think you might be prettier when you are chubby." It made my day.........kind of.