Friday, May 11, 2012

Formal Night

   Since we had 5 stops on our cruise we only had 1 day at sea and it rained a little on and off.  But we still found plenty of things to do to keep us lay out........
And play card games........
and lay out some more.........
 and we were lucky enough for Steff to teach one of her amazing Zumba classes! 
 After our tough workout we had just enough to get all dressed up for formal night.

          These two beautiful people celebrated their 34th wedding aniversary while were on vacation!

           For dinner we had delicious lobster and shrimp and ,of course, warm chocolate melting cake!
           Hunter, Sean,and Tanner looked so handsome!
  Me and my dad

 This is our whole group! Our picture was taken by an all too eager waiter who claimed that he used to be paparazzi! I thought Lyle was going to have a heart attack when he started changing all the settings on his fancy camera!

 As if my day couldn't have gotten any better........when we went to karaoke this lovely gentleman/lady asked Ryan if he would sing a duet with him......Summer nights... again! The best rendition of the song I've ever heard.  With Ryan as Danny and Kim as Sandy!  I'd put the video up if I thought Ryan wouldn't kill me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

St Thomas

 Sunday after a hard day of laying out by the pool at our hotel we boarded our cruise ship. But not before we witnessed a police chase followed by a beat down in the street! It was slightly horrifying but even more funny.  Anyway, after a long day lounging in the sun and eating our weight in chicken strips and soft serve ice cream we went for a nice sit down dinner followed by an evening of karaoke.

   Ryan and I sang "Summer Nights", then Steff and I sang our usual "Hit Me Baby One More Time"(we were a hit!)
   Then Ryan and Steff brought down the house with their rendition of "Love Shack"! The ladies in front also LOVED Tanner and Nic's, "Margaritaville"!  Needless to say, I think the Clark's set a pretty high bar for everyone else on the ship!
   Our first port was St Thomas.  We all hopped in a taxi and went to Coki Beach.  The weather was nice, the snorkeling was fun, and we all had an awesome day!
  Steff and me preparing for an adventure!
           Sue and her "Victoria's Secret" shot!
   I've always wanted to paddle board, since you always see celebrities doing it in the magazines. It was a little trickier than it looks but got boring fast. I'm glad I did it!
   On our way to do some shopping.

   Downtown St Thomas
             The ladies at the beach.

 Sue, Steff and me at dinner.
This is me, Syd, and Tanner at the show.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Puerto Rico

For Christmas this year my parents gave us all a wonderful cruise out of Puerto Rico (I know....we're very spoiled). We flew into San Juan the day before the cruise so we could hang out by the pool and hit up the Bio bay one more time.  My grandparents, my Aunt Sue, cousin Sydney, and Sue's boyfriend, Goob(Robert) and his two boys came with us!! We had the best vacation! It could not have been better weather(except our day at sea was rainy) all of our excursions were a blast.  And we laughed and laughed all week!

   If you ever go Puerto Rico, the bio bay is a must! It is one of the coolest experiences I've ever had!

         We had enough time the next day before we got on the ship to wander around San Juan a little and lay by the pool! It was Hot!!