Thursday, March 31, 2011

38 weeks!

This is me at 38 weeks pregnant. I feel like I look extra large in this picture but everyone told me I had to wear a tight shirt this time since the last one was playing an optical illusion. I also feel like I have tripled in size in the last few weeks. I went to the Dr today and was 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. (It's hard for me to be an adult and say any of that without gagging or snickering)
Next order of important business is a name.....any of you who know me or my husband know that we having quite the time with a name. We agreed on Hudson early on when we found out it was a's Ryan's middle name, which gives a little extra meaning and I just plain like......I feel like it's not too trendy but doesn't sound made up. We've had a couple of other names we both kind of like.....Jude(which Ryan now doesn't like) Milo(which became super popular all of the sudden) and Christian. But Ryan now has his heart set on......brace yourselves.....Kirby. I can't even type this without getting a little frustrated. Help me explain why this is an awful idea. Any suggestions of talking him out of it would help. We value your opinion.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things cont.........

1. My dear friend, Roni, gave me this adorable little stuffed alligatorr for Hudson. And I have loved it so much I recently ordered the aardvark in bright orange and the elephant in blue. Just the perfect colors for his room!
2. These little pants for baby H. Ryan has some strong opinions about what H will and will not be wearing. He is on the fence about these pants. How does this affect my purchases for said baby? I buy them when he's at work and not there to say no!
3. These beautiful roses my husband gave me for our anniversary.

4. The guacamole we got at "Aji" in down town Boulder for our anniversary dinner. It was delicious and I almost marched myself back in to the kitchen to see if I could finangle the recipe
6. The little girl scouts who were selling these cookies outside Walmart today. Totally hit the spot.

7. Chick fila's chicken nuggets..I can't get enough and did you know there are only 300 calories in
8 pieces! Just an added bonus!
8. When I was working at Deleon some of the massage girls used this massage oil in Black Currant Vanilla. I've been hooked ever since. I love the lotion too!

9.Adele's new cd...I could listen to it over and over

10. Florence + the Machine's cd "lungs"

11.My new Petunia Picklebottom baby sling! I haven't seen it in person yet but it shall be delivered soon! And my carseat cover material, my sis in law made it for me and I picked out the fabric before I left Utah and it is soooooo cute! (Never thought that paragraph would come from my computer)

12. Friday Night Lights season 1 on my itouch while I work out. Yes I've already seen them but I love me some Lyla Garrity and Tim Riggins and it makes the time go by faster.

Not so Favorite

1. Subway sandwiches, I'm just too burnt out after eating them almost every day since I got pregnant.

2. "How do you know?" Ryan went to a concert with a friend a few nights ago so I watched this Reese Witherspoon movie at home. I usually love everything she does......but this movie was awful!

3.The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest......I can't make myself finish it.


5. My neighbors balcony is directly below our balcony......and I love to sleep with the door open but the new neighbors have been smoking a lot of marijuana on their balcony.........and although I haven't fully researched the affects of weed on a fetus, I'm pretty sure it should be avoided. So now I have to sleep with the door closed.

6. Not knowing if what I've been feeling are contractions or gas

Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Years!

This guy and I have been married for 2 years today! Who would have thought? I love him more every day. And he makes me laugh harder today than ever before. I am always amazed at his generosity and kindness!

These last two photos have me missing a few things: a tan, a waist, and the ocean! All in good time! We're planning an oceanside vacation in the fall if anyone would like to join let me know!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Shower

35 weeks

This weekend I flew out to Utah for my baby shower. My sister in law Steff is pregnant and due in May and my cousin Lora is due March 31 so we had a joint shower. Everything was sooo cute! A big shout out to my mom for all the work and creativity that she put into this fun shower!
The cake was Adorable! Much thanks to Aunt Karen!

My aunt Laurie made this vegetable basket (obviously made to look like a bouquet) And everything was edible. It was almost too pretty to eat!

Lora, Steff, and me
Two of my best friends, Roni and Kristen, made the long drive from Provo to Logan, and I was so excited to see them!

My grandma Schenk made all of us these beautiful white quilts with a little lamb in the middle and they are made of my favorite silky material. I loved it!
All of the Schenk(my mom's sisters and sisters in law plus cousins) women. It was a wonderful day and I felt so special! Now if these next five weeks would just fly by so the little man can get here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catch Up Day 10, 11 & 12

10. One of my favorite vacations was when we went to Hawaii in 2009 to pick up Tanner from his mission. We stayed in a beautiful condo, and our weather was incredible. This picture above is one of my favorite moments on my favorite vacation. Nic probably ran a 400 m sprint in his snorkel gear down the beach, it was hysterical!!
This day we took a catamaran up the Napali coast where they shot Jurrassic Park, and it was such a cool day. We saw dolphins, had a delicious lunch, and went scuba diving off the boat. It was the most incredible view!

11. The town where I live......I wish. This picture was in New York. And at the time I wished we lived there, I no longer have any desire to live there. But now I don't have a picture of the town I live and..........We are moving back to Utah so we don't really know what town we will be living in!
12. This is my Moosie and (mom stop reading) I love him with all my heart. When we moved to New York and then Denver he became my best little buddy all day. He follows me around the house everywhere no matter what I'm doing. And he's starting learning new tricks. Here is Moose giving a high five!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saved by Steff!

I got an email from my awesome sister-in-law, Steff, and she sent me a picture of myself at 2. This is my brother Nic and I at my Grandma Clark's house. We loved that swing hanging from the tree, and sadly it is no longer there. I can't believe how light Nic's hair is! So cute. Maybe I will have cute kids after all!