Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas at the Cabin

      I loved the way my house felt during the Christmas season.  It was just so cozy and warm and festive, and I wished it could stay that way the whole year. We had a fun morning opening presents and stocklings.  Nana, Papa, and Tanner were at our house so we got to spend it together.  Hudson got spoiled and got a basketball hoop from mom and dad, a horsie and a giant stuffed lion from Santa. Christmas morning we skyped with Elder Clark which was probably the highlight of our day! He seemed to happy and he had that missionary "glow".  We well all in different places so we did google hangout so all of us could see and talk to each other.  Nana and Papa had to rush off to the airport and we hurried and got ready to head up to the cabin to spend a few days with the Nelson family.
   Maegen and Mackenzie are soo cute with Hudson and he loves them! He ran around the house yelling for Mac and MaeMae!  We had to take snowmobiles into the cabin and Hudson did not love putting on the snow gear or how cold it was.  But he did love the snowmobile ride. We had a lovely Christmas dinner and lots of treats then we all cuddled up and watched a movie!
    One of my favorite things about the cabin is there is no cell phone service! So we hung out in our sweats, ate lots of food, went sledding and snowmobiling, watched lots of movies and played games.  It was so nice and cozy!

    One morning I talked Mac and Aimee into doing an Insanity video with me, they were good sports! (I love Laurel in the back of this picture)

     Moose and Coda tagged along and loved getting all the good food that dropped on the floor especially the bacon.

  This is the sled that hooks up behind the snowmobile to get people in and out the cabin.  Hudson enjoyed this much more than riding on the snowmobile.
   I took this pic out the window with my phone on the way home.  It was so beautiful, I felt like we were in a scene from a movie! We loved going to the cabin, it was such a fun way to spend the holidays!

Christmas Eve

      For Christmas Eve we went up to Grandma Baunie's house for dinner.  Hudson got an awesome train set from Grandma, Aimee, and Laurel.  He really started to get the unwrapping thing by this point!

    Grandma has a singing dancing lifesize Santa that Hudson had a love hate relationship with.  He loved it but it terrified him!

    Late that night we came home to open our jammies and we were joined by Nana, Papa, and uncle Tanner.  Christmas really is so much better with kids, it seems like the magic is back!

Clark Christmas Party!

   The Nana and Papa flew in town and after a quick trip to Idaho we had our family party at our house.  We had the dinner catered from Blue Lemon which made things nice and easy and then I could put all my focus on my favorite part....dessert! After dinner we played a game where I made every put a paper plate on their heads and then gave them a scene that they had to draw.  As the outsider looking in, it was pretty comical.

   Then it was present time! The little cousins did an exchange and the all the siblings did an exchange.  Hudson got some monster trucks and a blanket(which he won't go anywhere without) and a wooden train set from Nana and Papa.  I got a GC to my fav Lululemon and some delicious cakebites from Kate! Ryan got some awesome gloves from Nic!

    Later we had our annual pinata.  Hudson wasn't sure about it at first but then he came around.

   The best part about the party was that it turned into a giant sleepover, and we had babysitters so Nic, Steff, Ryan, Tanner, and I went to a late showing of Jack Reacher! Which we all really liked.
   The next morning we went to the Provo Beach Resort where we did some bowling, played in their adventureland, and rode the carousel.  It was a fun weekend, as always.  I am very blessed!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

 Ryan and Scott had to go to Orlando for a Health Food Convention for Xyloburst, so Kristen, Hudson and I decided we needed to tag along.  We stayed in the Gaylord Convention Center in Kissimmee and it was amazing! It was decorated so beautiful for the Holidays.  The first day we went to Epcot Center and although it wasn't my favorite we still had a lot of fun and had some delicious food.

  The second day we went to the Magic Kingdom.  Hudson has a slight obsession with Mickey Mouse clubhouse so he was out of his mind pumped to see all of his favorite characters.  Especially Mickey Mouse!