Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lake Powell

We went on our annual trip to Lake Powell with Allen, Eva, Maegan, and Mackenzie. It was nice to staying in a hotel with our little baby instead in the heat and by the end of each day we had had enough of the sun and felt good to be able to take a shower and go out for dinner. I was nervous about Hudson on this trip because of the long car ride, out on the boat and sun all day, throwing him off his schedule and sleeping in a new place. But he was an angel! We were very careful to keep him out of the sun and cool, he slept great in his pack and play at night, and took naps in his carseat under the dash board on the boat. He was such a good sport and it was so fun to take him along! My sister in law, Kate's mother made Hudson this little washcloth toy and he loves it. The picture above is him playing with his toy waiting to go out on the boat the first day.
Ryan and Hudson helping aunt Eva get the boat ready.
He has gotten to the point where he doesn't really like to be held like I am holding him in this picture. He likes to be turned around so he can see whats going on.

He got to go on his first tube ride! We're not sure how he felt about it.

But he was impressed with his dads wakeboarding skills.
I love me some naked Hudson!

Maegen, myself, and Mackenzie in front of the damn.
We had so much fun, and so grateful we have a baby who can adapt to changes so we can still go on fun trips!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I've signed up to run a half marathon in August so Hudson and I have been running every morning. Grandma Baunie and Aimee got us an awesome jogging stroller that makes it soo nice to run, and my sweet husband got me some oakley sunglasses that I can run in, so we have no excuse not to go. Hudson is such a good sport and is so happy/asleep the whole time. This week we've been running 7 miles a day so we're getting close we only have a couple weeks left to train........so wish us luck!
I never documented the 4th of July. This is how we spent it! We had a cookout at Allen and Eva's and then set off some fireworks in the driveway.

Ryan and I play on a coed soccer team every Saturday and I was a bit skeptical at first but it has been so fun. I haven't played since the 6th grade and most of the teams have been really really good but last week I hit my groove and scored a goal!!!! Hudson missed it, he was busy sleeping. Aunt Eva is so good to us, she wakes up early every Saturday so she can come watch him while we play!
And the most exciting thing is...........we are officially going to Brazil! We will be spending one day in Rio and then driving out to a town called Cabo Frio and spending the week at the beach partying with the Brazilians! I've read that it is an awesome place to scuba dive. We are going with one of Ryan's friends who is from Brazil and his wife who served a mission there so we will have awesome tour guides!
I mean.......look at these beaches! Can't wait!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing baby Elle!

Matt, Kate, Averi, and brand new baby Elle have finally moved back to Utah. So if anyone is looking for a dentist, Matt could be your new best friend! They came over to my house so we could meet Elle. And she is a doll. It's funny how I've already forgotten how little they are when they're born.
My mom was still in town so she brought Camryn, Brooklyn, and Kendyl so they could all play together!
Comparing the monster to Elle Belle, I've already decided this is what I'll call her, hope that's ok with her parents!
Kendyl spent hours "walking" Moose in the backyard, you can see how cooperative he is!
Nana and Hudson had to say good bye but we'll see her again in a little while!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Blessing Day

Hudson was blessed on Sunday July 3. Ryan gave him a beautiful blessing and I was grateful we could spend the day with our family and friends! We had brunch afterwards at our house with french toast casserole and buttermilk syrup, bacon quiche, corn bread muffins, banana crumb muffins and tons of fruit and fruit dips. We have such an incredible family, lots of them came from Idaho and northern Utah and we appreciate them making the drive! We are also so lucky with such great friends that we think of as family.

Hudson's First Boating Day

My parents flew in for Hudson's blessing so for fun we went up to Steff's cabin in Park City and hung out. I can't how beautiful and green everything is right now!
Yes, I know, I wear this sweatshirt alot.
I caught Hudson and Nixon playing when they thought I wasn't looking...they're already best friends.

The next day we went boating at Jordanelle. The water was freezing! But the water was so calm and the sun was hot so we had a blast.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


One of the best times in my pre-married life was when I was living with Kristen and Carole ann and Celina might as well have lived there too. We always said we would be friends forever. Luckily we all married people who also like each other.......like they ever really had a choice!

Stars...they're just like us......they leave restaurants!
Hudson loves hanging out with aunt Kris while she's getting her hair done!