Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Play Dates

This is Hudson's friend, Cohen, they love spending time together. And it's nice, because I like hanging out with his mom, Jana, too!
The other day we went to the park with Averi, Elle, and Kate. Hudson loved the swings. I guess we'll be spending many of our days this summer at the park. Now if the weather would just decide to stay warm.
These little munchkins apparently liked their Chickfila lunch!
I make Hudson earn his keep! It's never too early to start making them do chores, right?

The Return of the Piano

I've been taking piano lessons for a little over a month from a lady in my ward, Racail Hays. It's so nice because I can take Hudson with me and he plays on the floor during my lesson and she'll chase him around the house while I play my songs for her! She's a trooper for putting up with us. I have loved taking lessons again and things have come back a lot easier than I thought.
I had a piano recital last week, and although I didn't get a picture of anyone at the actual recital, I thought I needed one of the zinho in his bowtie and his new forward facing car seat! I was under the impression when I said yes to the recital that I wasn't the only adult that would play in the recital. I was mistaken. The next closest participant to my age was 15!! It was mostly people in our ward there. Before we could go in the recital room everyone was waiting outside, and 4 different people came up to us and said "Is Hudson really taking lessons already?!" Nope just me. But I'm glad I did it, it's good for me to do things out of my comfort zone. And I'm happy to report I played my song flawlessly.

Basketball Champions

I was called to be the Young Women Sports Coach in my ward before basketball season started and I was so excited!! Not that I'm a great basketball player but I love sports in general. My group of girls were so much fun and pretty talented. Ryan and I have both been super impressed with their talent, and how cute they are! We won all of our regular season games so then a few weekends ago we went into tournaments and we won everything! We are the Champions!

Friday, March 9, 2012


*The Zinho is everywhere! Crawling, standing, walking along things, he is so busy!!

*We went on a cruise with Ryan's work and we had a blast! I wasn't sure how much fun we would have but it ended up being a ton of fun and we had awesome weather. Hudson stayed with my Aunt Karen so I knew he was being really well taken care of.

*Ryan and I finished out month of "Clean Eating" and we had really good results. I lost 7 lbs and Ryan lost around 10. Then we went on a cruise and gained a few back but we are back on track. We really did feel so good following our plan. I never really felt hungry and we had a lot of energy. I don't think I'll always be as strict from here on out but it gave us really good guidelines to follow.

*My little brother Sean got his mission call on Wednesday. He is going to South Salt Lake Spanish speaking. He leaves on July 18th. A little crazy that 98% of his family lives in the area, but we are excited for him! He will be an incredible missionary.

*Ryan had surgery on his elbow on Wednesday. They removed a mass the size of a marble that was imbedded in his tricep muscle. Hopefully this will help and everything will heal well! He has been such a trooper, you wouldn't even know he had surgery except for his giant sling on his arm. He went back to work today.

*I started taking piano lessons and I have a recital in a few weeks! I used to take when I was little but I was surprised how quickly things came back to me once I started practicing again. I love having a new little hobby!

*Only 7 weeks until our next cruise!!