Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Return of the Piano

I've been taking piano lessons for a little over a month from a lady in my ward, Racail Hays. It's so nice because I can take Hudson with me and he plays on the floor during my lesson and she'll chase him around the house while I play my songs for her! She's a trooper for putting up with us. I have loved taking lessons again and things have come back a lot easier than I thought.
I had a piano recital last week, and although I didn't get a picture of anyone at the actual recital, I thought I needed one of the zinho in his bowtie and his new forward facing car seat! I was under the impression when I said yes to the recital that I wasn't the only adult that would play in the recital. I was mistaken. The next closest participant to my age was 15!! It was mostly people in our ward there. Before we could go in the recital room everyone was waiting outside, and 4 different people came up to us and said "Is Hudson really taking lessons already?!" Nope just me. But I'm glad I did it, it's good for me to do things out of my comfort zone. And I'm happy to report I played my song flawlessly.


  1. We are all VERY sad you wouldn't give us the time/date to come :( I'm glad it went so great. We better be invited to the next one!

  2. Yippee!
    Hudson should start in a few years! And I'm sure that you will be telling him at some point that, "he will be sorry if he quits!"
    So happy that you are back at it!