Sunday, October 11, 2009

Funny/ Weird

A couple funny things happened to me this week:

1. I was outside taking Moose potty, and we walked over to get the mail. Then we had to go bring in the garbage from the side of the road. Okay to recap. One hand holding Moose, and straining to keep a hold because there were people walking past that he desperately wanted to approach. Other hand mail, keys, and pulling garbage can. I finally pulled hard enough on Moose to get his attention, and he jumped up on me, nails dug in hard and pulled my loose sweatpants clear to my ankles.
PS there were still people walking by, I live in a busy neighborhood!

2. I was curling my hair the other day and the a little screw popped out and down my shirt, where it burned me, I shook , the screw brushed up against my stomach, burned me(all the while high pitched screaming), I shook ....fell down the pants, where it burned my thigh, I shook...fell to my ankle where it came to a stop in my socks. I now have almost perfect little screw outlines in a perfect little line down my body. I quite obviously will be buying a new curling iron first thing tomorrow. Moose thought the little performance was quite funny.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Smelly!!!!

There once was a lady named Smelly,
Not one thing on her body like jelly.
She's sexy and hot,
we love her alot.
We're so glad that we came from your belly!

Happy Birthday we love you SOOOOO much!

You may be wondering "why so many pictures of her in a swim suit?" My answer to you is If you looked like that would You wear clothes?