Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St George Birthday Weekend

I can't imagine a better way to spend your birthday than with family, in warm weather, and eating lots and lots of treats. So that's what I did! My dad came in town for his annual "Man Trip" and it just happened to be over my birthday. All the men decided to hike the Narrows so all the ladies decided to tag along and hang out. The weather really was so nice, and the Sellers were generous enough to let us crash at their incredible home again!! We spent lots of time at different parks and the zinho loved the swings! We also swam in the pool, made plenty of trips to The Sweet Tooth Fairy, and the ladies went to the movies late one night. Overall, a perfect way to spend a birthday!

We did some mini hiking. This picture makes me laugh! Zinho must have clawed his eyes.

For my birthday dinner we went to a Japanese Steakhouse and had the best time! Our chef was hysterical!!
Hudson did not love the fire. He was kind of a turd the rest of the night.

We went to church and these kiddos kept themselves plenty entertained rummaging around in EVERYTHING.

A Baby Shower for Heather

My cute cousin Heather is pregnant with baby #2. (Except I am so behind, baby Krew is here!!) So the fam all got together to throw her a little shower. From left to right it's Aunt Sherri, Me and Hudson, Aunt Leslie and Maycee, Heather +Krew, Aunt Karen, Josh's mom, and Nichole +baby Ashley(wishful thinking, she doesn't have a name picked out, but isn't Ashley just the perfect little girls name?) She got lots of cute stuff, but Leslie made her bedding that is to die for, I felt like I needed to cover Hudson's eyes so he couldn't see what his mother had not done for him! Congrats Heather! We love you!!

Mini Croquet

There is a place in Provo called the Provo Beach Resort that is a giant indoor playland. It has a huge ropes course, bowling, the flowrider, golf simulator, and mini croquet. One night while we were hanging out with Ryan's sister Aimee, and our nieces, Maegen, and Mackenzie we decided to check it out. None of us could really remember all the rules of croquet so we just kind of made up our own rules. But it still was super fun!! I'm trying to find people to do the flowrider with me. Maybe it's what Hudson wants to do for his birthday coming up.

Out to dinner!

Ryan and I try to only eat out once a week, and these pictures scan a month period but it sure makes it look like we never eat at home. One cold and windy night the Cunninghams and Cummings' joined Ryan and I for a delicious dinner at Rodizio's (we really miss Brazilian food!!!) It was so fun! I have the funniest friends ever, and it helps that all the husbands get along too! Then we walked on over to Smart Cookie, which has some of my favorite sugar cookies!! I've been dreaming about sugar cookies lately. Ryan and I have been doing a "Clean Eating" plan all month and we get one cheat meal a week, and I always choose a sugar cookie for my treat! I can't get enough.
Buffalo Wild Wings finally came to Utah! And no one could be happier than Mr. Ryan H Nelson. We've been several times and it makes him such a happy little lad. Hudson looks thrilled to be in the loudest, most crowded restaurant ever huh?
This is Roni's cutest little baby Bode! He is such a stud! He and Hudson are destined to be best friends, not like they have much of a choice.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Speed Skating and Friends

This is Hudson's buddy Jackson. They love playing together!
Ryan's company built a website for someone that has to with the National Speed Skating(informative, I know) so he got VIP tickets to the World Champion Speed Skating Tournament. We didn't think that meant much, but when we got thexre we got to go upstairs where they had a huge spread of delicous food, an open bar, yummy desserts, and special seating from a box. It was pretty fun to watch in person from so close up and see what incredible athletes they are!