Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hudson's Surgery

Two weeks ago Hudson had his follow up appointment with the ENT to see if the medicine was working. After another sad scope down his nose the Dr said there had not been any change. The ENT and our pediatrician both suggested we do the surgery. So Monday we took our baby to Primary Children's Hospital for his surgery. I had such a hard time handing him over to the anesthesiologist, but we knew the surgery wouldn't take that long. The worst part of the day was when they came and got me to go back to his recovery room. I walked in right as two nurses were holding him down while another suctioned out his mouth, he was screaming, although his voice was so hoarse from the surgery it didn't even sound like him. He was thrashing all over his little metal crib in his hospital gown and he had iv's on both feet. Tears immediately started spilling down my face, I didn't feel like I was prepared for this scenario. I almost ran to get Ryan instead because I didn't think I could handle it but one of the nurses told me he just needed his mom to him and that was all it took.
He was pretty out of it the rest of the day, most just whimpering. They had to give him some morphine later for the pain and that knocked him out pretty good. When he woke up later he was pretty happy and smiley.

He had to be on oxygen for a while but he made it through the night without it.
One question that I had for the nurse that she couldn't answer was why do babies get to wear pants and a top and adults have to wear those awful gowns? It seems like it should be the opposite.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We took Hudson for his first trip to the zoo with all of his fun cute cousins!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Day of My Life

Saturday couldn't have been more perfect! Ryan, Hudson, and I were sealed for eternity in the Mount Timpanogos Temple, but we started the day out on the lake with my family. It was probably the last time this year and we had so much fun!

We had a room full of people (over 50) who we love and care for and we are so grateful that they were able to share this special day with us. To say Hudson was an angel during the sealing would be an understatement. He was beyond perfect! It was by far the best and most special day of my life...unforgettable!

All of our family that was able to come!

After the sealing we had a dinner at Blue Lemon in Highland and everything was delicious and so much fun to spend time with the people we are closest to.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adventures With Nana and Papa

My parents came in town last weekend! Everything just seems to turn into a giant party while they're here. Tanner was is also back in town for school and we were all finally together again since we were in Puerto Rico, with three new babies added to the mix. These two little boys are so cute together!
We were able to go to Camryn and Brooklyn's soccer game with Nic as their coach. It was adorable!
Brooklyn with a steal!
Hudson missed his nana! He just wanted to cuddle the whole time.
Thursday I went through the temple and took out my endowments. I had so many members of my family there that traveled from all over. It was such a special night and I felt so lucky to have so many people that I love there with me!
Friday we went for a hike to Stewart Falls with Matt, Kate, Elle, Averi, Tanner, Nana and Papa. It was a beautiful day and stunning scenery!a

We made it!

Then we ended the night with a trip to see "The Help". I loved the book and couldn't wait to see the movie. Ryan, Nic and Papa stayed home with the kids and we partied with Grandpa and Grandma Schenk, my cousin Nichole, aunt Leslie, Steff and my mom! And I loved the movie!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bumbos and Hikes and Tidbits!

I realize everyone has or has seen a bumbo. But this is a first for us and we think it's cute!

We went to dinner at Blue Lemon and Hudson spent the evening lounging.
Maegen and Mackenzie spent the week with us while their parent were out of town and we had so much fun with them plus they're really good babysitters! Saturday Sean came to visit from Provo and we went on a hike up to the Timpanogos Caves. It was a little harder of a hike than I expected but we still had a really good time...especially Hudson! He loves being outside.

Sean holding up the mountain

If you look really closely you can see our house.
Don't worry, he still had service.

This picture was right in the beginning of the cave. After a while Hudson got bored, fell asleep, and snored loudly for the rest of the tour.
Later that night after our hard workout, we treated our selves to a whole lot of cookie dough and a few actual cookies while we watched a movie!