Friday, July 15, 2011


I've signed up to run a half marathon in August so Hudson and I have been running every morning. Grandma Baunie and Aimee got us an awesome jogging stroller that makes it soo nice to run, and my sweet husband got me some oakley sunglasses that I can run in, so we have no excuse not to go. Hudson is such a good sport and is so happy/asleep the whole time. This week we've been running 7 miles a day so we're getting close we only have a couple weeks left to wish us luck!
I never documented the 4th of July. This is how we spent it! We had a cookout at Allen and Eva's and then set off some fireworks in the driveway.

Ryan and I play on a coed soccer team every Saturday and I was a bit skeptical at first but it has been so fun. I haven't played since the 6th grade and most of the teams have been really really good but last week I hit my groove and scored a goal!!!! Hudson missed it, he was busy sleeping. Aunt Eva is so good to us, she wakes up early every Saturday so she can come watch him while we play!
And the most exciting thing is...........we are officially going to Brazil! We will be spending one day in Rio and then driving out to a town called Cabo Frio and spending the week at the beach partying with the Brazilians! I've read that it is an awesome place to scuba dive. We are going with one of Ryan's friends who is from Brazil and his wife who served a mission there so we will have awesome tour guides!
I mean.......look at these beaches! Can't wait!!

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  1. You are impressive! I ran 1/4 mile last night without stopping to take a break!
    Congrats on the goal!
    Maybe you need me to tend Hudson in Brazil! Consider it! That looks absolutely gorgeous and inviting!
    The Nana