Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catch Up Day 10, 11 & 12

10. One of my favorite vacations was when we went to Hawaii in 2009 to pick up Tanner from his mission. We stayed in a beautiful condo, and our weather was incredible. This picture above is one of my favorite moments on my favorite vacation. Nic probably ran a 400 m sprint in his snorkel gear down the beach, it was hysterical!!
This day we took a catamaran up the Napali coast where they shot Jurrassic Park, and it was such a cool day. We saw dolphins, had a delicious lunch, and went scuba diving off the boat. It was the most incredible view!

11. The town where I live......I wish. This picture was in New York. And at the time I wished we lived there, I no longer have any desire to live there. But now I don't have a picture of the town I live and..........We are moving back to Utah so we don't really know what town we will be living in!
12. This is my Moosie and (mom stop reading) I love him with all my heart. When we moved to New York and then Denver he became my best little buddy all day. He follows me around the house everywhere no matter what I'm doing. And he's starting learning new tricks. Here is Moose giving a high five!

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