Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know everyone thinks their husband is "The Best" so I'll tell you why my husband is "The Best" for me. Last week I felt so sick...flu sick. You also should know, it takes a lot to surprise me, I always know what presents I'm getting, I always find confirmation emails, I always know what someone has planned.......it's like a sixth sense. So one day the doorbell rang and a man was there delivering flowers........I had no clue! Such a surprise and I was so happy. Then the next day there was another man at the door delivering a big box full of chocolate covered strawberries! He got me again, so unexpected! They were delicious and really hit the spot after feeling so sick all week! Last night to celebrate Valentine's Day I made chicken alfredo for dinner and we had chocolate fondue for dessert while watching our favorite Monday tv shows. A perfect little evening with me little family!

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