Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to the Seanster!!!

This is a couple of hours early but............Happy 16th Birthday Sean!
Sean is my youngest brother and here are a couple reasons why I think he is the best...
1. He laughs at ALL my jokes!
2. He gets excited when I come home to Ohio!
3. When he is walking behind someone, he steps exactly where they do!*also something I do
4. He doesn't like his food to touch!*also something I don't like**he is making great strides though and no longer has to finish eating one food before he starts on something else on his plate
5. He ALWAYS has skittles! *something I like because then I can steal them
6. He is an incredible athlete
7. He is freakishly smart! Like when the tsunami happened in Thailand as a seven year old he could tell us all exactly what the scientific signs of a tsunami are and how to tell if one was coming!
8. If you ask him to do something his answer is always...."SURE".......always.
9. He likes my cheesecake
10. He is always up for playing Boggle and Quiddler! which are two of my favorite games
11. He is just so darn cute!


  1. i have a "peaches, pears, plums and pomegranites" dance that you would love to have posted here.

  2. Ya- Sean's the perfect little brother...but I wish he wasn't so much smarter than me. Where did my brain go? Oh yeah.