Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clark Planetarium

Saturday night we went up to Salt Lake with our friends Kris and Scott and had THE best Pizza I have had in a very long time, I finished an entire one myself, in my defense, so did Kris, then we went to the Clark Planetarium and saw the new under water 3d film at the imax. It really was so cool. It was soooo funny to watch all the little kids and Ryan reaching out trying to touch the animals the whole film. Jim Carrey was the narrator and it was awesome to watch, we were all in agreement it got a little preachy towards the end but overall was a hit, and we became very familarized with the cuddle fish, which I had never heard of until then. All it really made me want to do is go scuba diving in New Guinea, and the Australia. All in good time, you'll see!

Oh and one more thing, How cute is he?


  1. I must admit, Moose is extremely cute, almost as cute as Max! Love your blog!

  2. Good thing we didn't have to watch it alone :)