Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Las Vegas!!!

These pictures aren't in order...sorry. One of these days I'll figure it out. For Thanksgiving this year the Nelson's headed to St George. Our niece was having a baby and a nephew was getting married, so it was nice to able to go down there to be there for all the events. Since we were so close to Vegas we went and saw the Lion King. I have already seen it...but suggested we all see it because I LOVED it so much. It is incredible! If you ever get the chance......SEE IT! The picture above is Ryan and I at the Mandalay Bay buffet.
This is Ryan, our niece Mackenzie, myself and a replica of Scar in his costume!
Mackenzie and I in front of our house which was awesome!!
My niece Maegan and I at the wedding (people say we look alike, what do you think?)

Ryan and I at our house before the wedding.
My sister in law, Eva, and Maegan at the Pizza Factory

Hanging out in the hot tub!

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