Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Note to my Love

No this is not a letter to Moose, but my other love. I have become increasingly aware of just how lucky I really am to have married my Ryan. I have always known that he was great and incredible, but the other day he walked in the door with a brand new shiny ipod. (Mine had been lost the previous week, it is still being debated who actually lost it.) I had not asked him to buy me one, and the fact that it was gift is not what I was impressed me. It was the fact that he thought about how much it would mean to me, and as someone who runs and frequents the gym, he knows how precious my ipod was to me. Since then, I have been thinking a lot about all the wonderful things he does and puts up with. The first would be that he deals quite well with the tv always being on the food network channel. I know he doesn't love it, but he hardly ever gives me a hard time. He has instead, made up his own words to the theme song of almost every different chefs show. He deals with my inability to make a decision, usually which kind of treat I want our way home from somewhere. I can't tell you how many times we have been in the parking lot of an icecream place when I decide I want Krispy Kreme instead. He also supports my Diet Coke habit. I shouldn't say that, he always suggests I quit, but when I'm having a not so good day or feel sick he always offers to go get me one from Maverik. He will go see chick flicks with me. He is always so appreciative of my cooking, and he's a joy to cook for because he loves everything. He doesn't make me feel stupid for my computer illiteracy. He shares an equally ridiculous love for Moose. He doesn't complain when I drag him to Idaho 3 weekends in a row. He thinks, or at least tells me, that I'm beautiful every single day. He knows every single reference to a movie or song. He is so good with my nieces! 75% of what comes out of his mouth is singing! He is the best running partner! He's silly! I have so much fun with him everyday and I am so excited to be able to spend the rest of my life laughing with Ryan.


  1. That was cute. Tell Ryan I'm very appreciative of how well he treats you and my girlies! Would it be too much to ask to have him tell me every day that I'm beautiful too? Yes, I'm suffering from bad self esteem today....perhaps it's time to get my hair done. :)

  2. He will send you a text everyday, that wouldn't be weird would it!? If it's time again call me and we can set up a time!

  3. Ahhh! You are so nice! I think Ryan is a pretty great guy & we are lucky to have him in the fam! And I also think he is pretty dang lucky to have you too! Could I also get a text...I needed one today!