Saturday, April 17, 2010

C, B, & K come to play!!!

Camryn, Brooklyn, and Kendyl all came to stay with us for a few days while they're mom was having some much needed r&r. We LOVE when the girls come to play, they are so fun, and have such great personalities!!!
And they LOVE Moose!!


  1. Wow... I SOOOO owe you :) I'm sure you know the girls are in absolute heaven when they get to play with you. We love you tons and feel so lucky to have such a great sister/aunt. Hope you're having a good weekend!! And FYI- my CHI quit working yesterday. I feel like a lost little puppy without it.

  2. Those adorable little girlies are lucky to have such a terrific aunt and uncle to play with. Great pictures!

  3. So cute- does this mean you want kids stat?

  4. Ohhh they are SOOO pretty!
    also your hair is long. I am excited to see you soon!