Friday, April 23, 2010

Moose the Bulldog(?)

The first picture is our dog Moose, he was expensive, and we have loved him very much but we have always thought he didn't really look like a bulldog. The second picture is what he should look like. The fact that he doesn't look like a bulldog has not affected how much we love him, but we have felt a little ripped off, money-wise. People always ask us if he's a boxer because his legs are so long.
The other day Ryan had taken Moose with him to play softball with a bunch of friends and someone asked him if Moose was an Olde English bulldog. I always thought an English bulldog and Olde English bulldog were the same. Turns out, they're not!!! We got on the website from the people we bought him from and it turns out Moose is Olde English Bulldog.

This is what they are supposed to look like:

Much more like Moose, turns out he looks just as he should. Olde English bulldogs are a mix of Bull Masstiff, American Bulldog and Pit Bull. They were made to look like an english bulldog without the health problems. So mystery Solved and kind of a funny story!!!


  1. So glad to have that all straightened out! So glad you weren't ripped off money-wise! And so glad that you love him anyway! That's almost just how we feel about our kids!