Monday, May 17, 2010

Ladies in Las Vegas!!

Celina has been living in Ethiopia since January, but had to come home while they have their elections, so I jumped on the chance to take a little girlies trip! And the only logical place to go when one comes from spending the last 5 months in rural Ethiopia is Las Vegas! We got a room at the Bellagio and were on our way!!!
After a leisurely afternoon at the pool we had dinner at Serendipity and then went to see Letters to Juliet. We were The Only people in the theatre on opening night! It was quite funny at the time!
I met up with one of my best friends from high school, Lauren Barker, and we spent the whole day laying out with a brief intermission to hit up Wichcraft for a delicious sandwich were we met these fine ladies....
April and Emily!!! They are both old room mates of mine. Yes they are cute and dressed, we however could not be bothered to put clothes on....

Saturday night we hit up Four Kegs, which we found on Diners Drive ins and Dives, It was A-MA-ZING!!! We ate fried macaroni and cheese wedges, which did not sound so appetizing to me at first, but trust me when I say, they rocked my world. And they would rock yours too, I am quite sure of it! We also had stromboli and chicken nachos. Our waitress was one of those people who you just love immediately! From the laced-up knee high converse sneakers, to the crocodile purse skin, I instantly wanted her to be my friend. I will always remember her and her love for the fj cruiser (yea, we bonded over our cars) and I am forever in her debt for introducing me to my new favorite food!!! We have laughed that at Serendipity my bill was $40 for a salad and oreo dessert, and at four kegs it was $7 for what seemed like a never ending table of fried deliciousness!!
Then, this one needed to go to this specific pawn shop from the Pawn Stars tv show! She was very disapointed when it was closed at 9 even though it says open 24 hours.
Gardens at Bellagio.
Thank you ladies for an incredible trip. "I'll love you forever I'll like for always, as long as I'm living my besties you'll be!!"