Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Week Ever!!

This week Maegan and Mackenzie came to stay with us while their parents were in the Dominican Republic. And we had a blast!!!! I have decided I could play with them all day every day. We ate lots of cup cakes from my favorite bakery, we went there several times during their stay!
We hiked up to the "Y".

We also baked cookies, a couple times, and Moose helped too. We went to see Toy Story III and Shrek. Not all in the same day.
Coda, their dog, also came to stay. During meal times this was their usual positions. Both begging for a little bite. They especially liked french toast night.
One day we went to seven peaks and we all had so much fun!
Then on Saturday we joined Nic, Camryn, Brooklyn, and Kendyl, on the lake!

Can you believe this little body skiing? I know, it's one of the cutest things ever!!!
This is the best photo I got of Ryan wakeboarding and it doesn't showcase his best on the wakeboard, but I thought I'd better prove that I still have a husband and we spend time together, inspite of the lack of pictures of him lately.Brooklyn chillin on her favorite spot on the boat next to the ski!

I'd like to say this is me, but I'm afraid the hair color and buldging muscles would prove other wise. This is in fact Nic, he never disapoints.

We had such a great week with all our nieces! I don't know how we got so lucky


  1. Yea! Great pictures. Such cuties - all of you! Thanks for posting so I can share in the fun.
    See you soon!
    The Nana