Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The FlowRider!!!

Nana, Papa, and Sean came to town and I had heard Great things about the Lindon City Pool! All True!! It had a FlowRider, which is the surfing simulator, and we had a blast and a really good laugh at each other.

The above picture is to show you how you get started. And this picture is to show you how we all ended up 2 seconds after letting go of the rope!

This is Steff, she got much better as time went on, this was just one of her first attempts, and quite a funny one, I might add!
Nic, of course, out did us all.
When we were at Nic and Steff's house Sean was just hanging out in the family room by him self and this is what I found him doing. I thought it was funny, and typical Sean.

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  1. My, what a fun time we all had! You have some great pictures. I really loved the FlowRider pictures! Thanks for sharing!