Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the 4th on the 5th!

Monday the 5th we participated in the annual Clark family fun run! Ok....it's not the Clark family run, but most of us do it! I was not looking forward to running because since getting my bike I have no interest in running anymore. But it really is fun to do with so many members of my family.
This is the whole gang who ran. I was so proud of everyone!!
My mom, me and sister in law Steff.
My immediate family who ran! Tanner, Smelly, my dad, me Ryan, Nic, Steff, and Sean.
After we ran, we got cleaned up and headed to the parade. There is nothing like the Soda Spring parade. It's so fun, and we got soooo much candy.
This is me getting the precious Double Bubble that was stranded in the middle of the street.
After the parade there is a carnival in the park.
And then we ate snow cones and watched the boys compete in a 3 on 3 basketball game
As if we hadn't had enough fun for one day we headed to my uncle Wade's house for lunch and lucky us he had a zip line that was about a quarter mile long. So fun!! We also had a delicous lunch, every thing tastes better in Soda, or everything grandma makes is heavenly!

One of the best 4th of July's EVER!!