Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Schenk Reunion!

This picture was not taken at the reunion, it was taken at Britten's farewell. These three handsome cousins won't see each other for at least 4 years due to overlapping missions. Britten is headed to Brazil, and he will be a great missionary!
To start the reunion we all went swimming at the pool in Lava, Idaho, which has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid. The highlight of the day was when Tyler did a backflip off the 3rd platform!!
Isn't he so handsome!
Then we headed to Bancroft, where my mom grew up, and camped out. I actually stayed in a hotel but many others camped. All these cute little girls are my cousins, along with my nieces Camryn, and Brooklyn.
Taking Camryn and Brooklyn for a ride!
I don't know many other families who could create such competitive teams with talented players out of only family members. My team won!..... Depending on who you ask!
My cousins Nichole, and Heather and Camryn watching the Schenk version of Minute to Win It! It was the funniest game show I have ever seen!!

This is my mom's game, she had to knock all the cups down with the ball tied to her waist not using any other part of her body.
Kyle and Sean had to get pennies out of the toes of panty hose not using the other hand to help. I like this picture because they look like they are doing a dance.
My game was to move those cotton balls from one end of the table to the other on a plate by sucking them in with nose. I, of course, won! Who were they thinking could compete with these nostrils, the only time their size has come in so handy.
Nichole's challenge, I won't go into I just like the picture.
Nana and Papa with their cute little girlies!

The next day we all went for a 4 wheeler ride to the top of Mount Baldy. We had so much fun. There were 17 atvs.
My cousins Britten and Jaxon.

At the top!

The view was so beautiful and we had a few little snacks before we departed again.

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