Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Travels Across the Country

This is the extent of the pictures I have, only because I stole them from my mom, my camera is somewhere in the bottom of Utah Lake along with who knows what else. So words will have to do for now! Moose and I started our journey together from Provo to Denver where we met Tanner. We stayed the night in Denver and then partied the next day Of course had to go to the Cherry Cricket which I saw on Man Vs Food and it did not disappoint! The fried macaroni and cheese was soooooo good! Then that night we headed east onto Ohio. We hit some awful weather in Kansas and at one point decided to turn the radio to the weather station because we were sure we were right in the middle of a tornado! We made it to Ohio the next around 3, we stopped to play with Averi and Kate and then left for Zanesville. It was a long drive but Tanner and Moose made it kind of fun. While we were in Ohio we were able to go to a couple of Sean's Soccer games. I haven't seen Sean play for a long, long time, and I was so impressed with him! He's so grown up, mature, nice and funny. There isn't anything he can't do. Ryan came down and joined us for the weekend. We went canoeing, shopping, Matt, Kate and Averi came down and we all had dinner. It was very comforting to just spend some time at home with nothing I had to do.

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  1. I must be picking a zit or something?! It was such a fun weekend and I am LOVING my hair! Thank you SO much!