Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Steff!

Here are just a few reasons why we love our Steffster so much

* I saw her do the "Elaine" dance 7 months pregnant in the middle of the heels!

* She eats more cereal than anyone I have ever met

* She once threw herself on a 400lb man laying on the beach, pretending the wind blew her over! For a measly $10

* One night after taking an ambien *also about 5 months pregnant* she gave us the best performance on guitar hero of Pearl Jam EVER! all the while insisting that if you didn't have the pearl jam cd in high school you weren't getting the sweet sweet lovin you deserved.

* You can get her do almost any dare if she can get at least $5 out of it

* She makes the best karaoke partner, and harmonizes perfectly on "Hit Me Baby One More Time" In fact she really doesn't need a partner, I've seen her many times sitting on the floor by herself singing into her mic!

* She produces THE cutest little girls, EVER!

* She likes treats Just as much as I do!


  1. I loved that :) And I'm honestly eating a bowl of Corn Pops while I'm reading this. AND, I got like $40 for throwing myself on that sweet man (although $10 may have still done the trick). Thanks for the birthday shout out!!

  2. Hey! These are great, however, we cannot forget to add that she was bummed when she donned the huge chicken suit and hopped upon the pogo stick behind KSL Life News and didn't get better television coverage for it! What a fun life Steff shares with us. We are extremely lucky... and appreciative.

  3. OOps that was KSL Live news.......

  4. I apologize...........and I can't believe I forgot the chicken suit on a pogo stick on the evening news! Sorry Steff