Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lyle!

Here are the top ten reasons why my dad is COOLER than your dad!

10. He can do the one eye patrol from the couch on Sundays
9. He went skydiving with me on my 18th birthday even though he really didn't want to! He really just couldn't be out done by Mel, Nic, Matt, and myself!
8. He is a dashing blend of Kurt Russel and Richard Gere
7. When I was little he convinced me my first name was Ash and my middle name was Lee
6. He has not given into "The Man" and got the business man hair cut!
5. When running sprints, he still wears his high school spikes!
4. He makes caramel corn every Sunday
3. He once said to me" Ashley I've been fooling myself all these years thinking I was a mountain man, but I've found my true calling, and I belong under the sea!
2. He always has new jokes ! They're new if he doesn't remember telling you them, right?

And the number one reason why my dad is cooler than your dad is..........
1. My dad wears jeans while skiing and snowmobiling!

Happy Birthday dad I love you!


  1. The third part to that dashing blend is Nigel Lythgoe from So You Think You Can Dance. And #11- I've never seen him lose his temper (Maybe that's just me, but seriously, I haven't). And #12- He's the best papa in the World!

  2. Glad I found your blog, Ashley! This made me laugh. Your dad is a hoot!