Sunday, May 3, 2009

For the Missing Parents!

Yester day Nic and Steff left to go to Hawaii and the Nana came to take care of them. We left to go up to Logan to our cousin, Jaxon's baptism. While we were getting ready to leave I started to put fish net panty hose and Brooklyn looked at me confused and said "you're wearing witches socks today?" Then when started to put my shoes on she had a smile and said " witches socks and cute shoes!"

Later last night Ryan joined us and we went to our favorite pizza place, Settebello's, you may remember me mentioning it before, and it looks like we have found two little girls who love it even more than we do! Then after telling me they didn't want any gelato, they ate all of my nutella gelato. I may have had a little, and it may have replaced my mint cookies and creme!

After the baptism Camryn asked " Do we get to get in the pool now?" She was a little disapointed, she perked up a little when I told her she just had to wait 5 more years!

They sure love Nana!


  1. Thank you! That top picture of Camryn is sure interesting :) Those are cute little things they it. And I'm glad they loved the pizza so much. We're getting some of that RIGHT when we get home.

  2. She was saying "cheese" very emphactically

  3. Witch sock and cute shoes,
    always a good combo

  4. I love Which socks and cute shoes!!! Classic!