Saturday, May 9, 2009


We went to the zoo on Friday, poor Ryan had to work, and he wasn't happy we went without him. When I was putting Brooklyn in her carseat she asked me where Ryan was and I told her he was at work her reply was " To make money?" and I said yes then she asked me if I had to go to work, and I said no. Then she said " Oh you don't make money? My daddy does make money, so he can buy clothes and diapers!"

Nobody told me I had polygamist hair that day so don't mind me.

Nana and Brooklyn with the penguins! This was Camryn and Brooklyn's favorite!

Camryn was so excited for the train!

They also LOVE Moose! And why wouldn't they, look how cute he is! I'm sure you will all be concerned and interested that Moosey had his little surgery yesterday and you will happy to know that all went well and he is up and running today! Such a temptation for all the jokes I could insert here with some of the wording above, but I like to avoid the look of disapproval from Nana!


  1. i'm so glad they remember why i go to work everyday! thanks for everything.

  2. I want to go to the zoo auntie ashley...PLEASE