Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Final Countdown!

I have a full line up for the begining of the summer, and I didn't even include everything:

1 day til boating for the first time of the summer

5 days til my family is all in town for Averi's blessing!

18 days til I'm soaking up the rays of Sin City with two of my favorite ladies

60 days til my trip to paradise
61 days til I get to see my little Tanner


  1. you left out your trip to Nashville!

  2. Dang- what's with the pasty skin in that picture with your friends? I love that picture of your legs and the beach- it should be a "Wish you were here" post card.

  3. WOW we look pretty in that picture.

  4. And our camping trip? Cel said she was in