Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls Weekend!

This weekend while my mom was here all of the sisters and cousins and some of their little girls got together. We watched movies, ate good food, made watches and bracelets and had a bridal shower for my cousin Nichole who is getting married in June. Only a few people were missing and we missed them but we sure had a good time.
My aunt Karla, and cousins Angie and Brittany
Mel, my grandma, aunt Leslie and my cousin Heather's little girl Maycee and Nichole's future mother in law
All the ladies, minus Heather, what a freakishly good looking group huh?!?
Brooklyn and Camryn with their little cousin Bailey, Angie's little girl
Me and the B
Aunt Sheri reading to C & B
Aunt Leslie, Camryn, and Aunt Laurie getting ready for the shower
Ready for bed

Camryn tasting the batter, I think she likes itThe watch I made!


  1. WOW! Looks like fun! You can make the checks out to 'Nic Clark Resorts' LLC. :) Glad you had fun and somehow found room for everyone. I miss those little boogers- they're so cute! I'm glad Camryn found a Kendyl replacement for the day. We just laughed when we saw her holding Maycee. My mom saw the picture of Chris' mom and remembered her when she was in our ward forever ago. Apparantly she was Ms. Louisiana back in the day. Random info. Thanks again!

  2. Oh I'm bummed that I couldnt come! Karla said you guys had a blast! Count me in for next time!