Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend in Ohio!

This weekend we went to Ohio...for a couple of reasons.
1. It was Smelly's birthday last weekend but I missed it due to the fact that I was in Utah.
2. We ran out of clean clothes and needed to do some laundry.( just kidding, that was just an added bonus)
3. There was a Guster concert in Columbus the husband really wanted to go to! ( I know most of you haven't heard of them other than reading it off of one of Ryan's many, many Guster t shirts.)
4. We were out of food and knew Nana would feed us. (not kidding) (ok kind of kidding)
5. I needed to see this cute little bug!(not Sean, Averi....ok Sean too)

Ryan's latest Guster t shirt. After he bought it he said "School Shopping.....Done!"
6. So we could go to the zoo with Matt, Kate, and Averi on a beautiful day.
( I must also say that the Columbus zoo blows SLC's zoo out of the water. No offense Hogle but you've got nothing on Jack Hanna!)
7. We knew that papa would take us to out favorite Japanese Steak House if I asked really nicely!
8. We had to see Papa get released as bishop after 6 long years. When the stake president released him he said that he hasn't been able to sit next to my mom in sacrament meeting for 16 years because he has been in the bishopbric for that long! Let me just say he was beaming all weekend! When he bore his testimony I thought he was going to take off his suit jacket twirl it above his head and throw it into the audience he was so happy!


  1. Seriously - I LOVE that you guys live closer and we get to see you lots more. Its the BEST!!! We had such a fun weekend so THANK YOU so much! And what makes it even better is that i will see you in a couple of weeks! Also, thanks again or tell Moose thanks for Averi's hoodie. She wore it today and she was the cutest kitty in town! Your the bestest aunt EVER.

  2. I love all of your reasons to visit us in Ohio. But I had to really laugh at the thought of Lyle twirling his suit jacket and throwing it into the audience! Wonder what the stake president would have done with that!!! How funny you are! It is a relief, and he is enjoying the freedom. We loved having you! Can't wait for next time.
    The Nana