Monday, October 18, 2010

Salem and Boston

Ryan's sister, Aimee, came to Rochester to visit us and we were so excited. We went to the Joseph Smith farm and sacred grove, we had lunches and dinners with Shanon and her family, and did plenty of shopping. Then when Friday rolled around we made a trek to Salem, Mass. Saturday we spent the day fighting the crowds and seeing all the famous witch sites. In the picture above we participated in a witch trial. Ryan is posing with Goodie Bishop who he later questioned and then sentenced to death.
We also came across this interesting piece of literature that our good friend Scott clearly must have wrote. It explains a lot of things about Scott that had been unanswered for far too long.
Among all the creepiness we found a friendly face, " Samantha" from bewitched!
This lady in the back ground was one of those Live statues. She was incredible. She would hold perfectly still forever and then scare kids who were walking by.
This is Aimee and I in from of the witches dungeon. They did a live play of a witches trial then took us down stairs were they recreated what the cells the accused women would have looked like....creeepy!
Sunday we spent the day in Boston and had a wild time trying to make our way around the city. We did the Freedom Trail which starts in Boston Commons and winds around the city to all the historical sites. There was literally a red path to follow through out the city.

One stop was a cemetery where Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and all of the victims of the Boston Massacre were buried.
This building is where the Declaration of Independence was first read and where the Boston Massacre occurred.

One of the last stops was the USS Constitution. I'm not usually one for historical site seeing but this little tour was pretty awesome. There was a building where they gathered to organize the Boston Tea Party. Paul Revere's house was a stop, and all kind of other things. Overall the trip was exhausting but very entertaining and we had so much fun with Aimee.


  1. Fun pictures! I'm glad you fit in the trip to Boston & Salem. And, happy you had so much fun with Amy!