Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Fun

Matt, Kate, and Averi were in town so we had a little family get together. I can't believe how different Averi is since I saw her in December! Such a little mover and talker! And look how cute those curls are.
These four little girls loved playing together.
Aunt Kate and Uncle Matt got to meet Hudson.

I love this little hoodie on Hudson, it is Newborn size, and look how giant it is! His tininess is going to throw off his entire wardrobe with the seasons. So I guess I just dress him in them anyway/
Kristen and Hudson spend every night between 8 &10 like this. It's their nightly ritual and he loves her!


  1. I HEART your baby!

    and kristen is kind of freaking me out in that picture...

  2. Kristen looks hot! I like the curls! Oh and Hudson is amazing!