Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween#2- Brace Yourselves

Brace Yourselves!! Our good friend Emmie celebrated her birthday in Halloween style and had an awesome party at a Thai food restaurant with karaoke. Everyone was to dress up like a celebrity so Ry and I went as Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia! We bought a wig and I cut and styled it, then we did his makeup and he was ready to go. It was a hysterical night! I couldn't look at him without laughing!

We got to hang out with Celina.......
and Marge Simpson.....
and Homer! It looks like Ryan enjoyed himself a little too much.....agreed?
Here we are with the birthday girl, Emmie!
Hudson loves Celina!
And Ellen loves me....I mean Portia! We had a BLAST! Thanks Emmie!


  1. I really think you should send that pic of you two into Ellen. She would love it.

  2. insert inappropriate lesbian sex comment here [_______________________]

    You guys looked hot! And Hudson is soooo cute!

    ♥ Celina

  3. Ryan is becoming more photogenic all the time!

  4. ummmmmm Maggi emailed me a pic from your facebook and we were laughing so hard.. You are way prettier then portia.. But wow I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

  5. oh my gosh! That is sooooooo funny!!!!!!! I love it!