Sunday, March 14, 2010


Our last stop was Cozumel! It is one of my favorite places I've ever been. And it was this last day that we all decided the Clark's would go and just stay there on our next vacation, I have verbal agreements from all of you, so don't even think about backing out. I've already started looking at houses!! The weather was beautiful and the ocean was so blue and crystal clear it seemed fake. The picture above is at the dive shop signing in and getting fitted!
Our first dive of the day was like passing through a mountain range under sea. This is a picture of us swimming through some caves.

When we first went down to bottom of the ocean there were all these conch shells, everywhere! I wish we could have taken some, however we were in a preserve, and couldn't touch anything!

My dad just loves Scuba diving, and I love that it's something we all can do together!
These three sexy ladies are my aunt Sue, my aunt Pam, and my momma!
This is my aunt Patti, my cousing Sydnie, and Tan Tan!
No, he's not standing on a bucket he really is that tall!
This funny little fish was triangle shaped, he was completely flat on the bottom with a crazy tail, he absolutely did not look real. Our dive master found him and rubbed his belly and when he did that the fished followed him where ever he led him. So we passed him around from person to person.

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