Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watch out Lance Armstrong!!

Since I have had such a hard time running lately, because of my knees and hips, I decided it was time for a road bike. I was a little shocked by the prices, mostly because I had looked at Wal mart at their huffy bikes first and expected their prices to be similar at a specialty bike store, but I found a really good deal on last years top model. And I think it's so cute!!! I have big plans of all the races I will be doing this summer, I just have to learn how to use my gears first! Wish me luck!!!


  1. how exciting, a bike!!Let me know if you like it!

  2. That bike looks almost as 'cute' as the first two-wheeler that we bought you. Actually they are quite similar--just different sizes. By the way, you don't really look dressed to ride, but you do look really great! Have fun and be careful.
    Love you!