Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grand Cayman

Our first stop was Grand Cayman which is part of the British West Indies, so English is the language and they drive on the other side of the road. It is a very nice, clean island. We were all headed to Sting Ray City, which is a sand bar about 5 miles out in the ocean. Back in the day when the fishing boats came in from the reef they would stop here to clean the fish and dump the extras into the ocean. The stingrays soon caught on, and then the divers caught on that there were always stingrays, and thus the popularity now. I was fully expecting to go to an aquarium, or man made pool and I was shocked when our boat took us to this sand bar, anchored the boat and gave us squid to feed them. It was incredible!! It took me a while to feel okay with them just swimming up on my chest looking for food, but it was awesome.
This is Ryan and I on our boat ride out to stingray city. The water was unreal!
This is Sean! All the dark spots in the water are rays.
We also did some snorkeling a little further out and this was one of the fish we ran into. I believe it's a trumpet fish but I could be wrong. We also came across a giant eel hiding under a rock and I was terrified. Although at the same time, in this crystal clear water, nothing really seems real.
This is my immediate family after snorkeling.
Sean and I obviously trying to alert the photographer that there was a giant ray behind them.
My dad dancing with a sting ray.
Even Grandma got in the water to play with them!! The look on my mom's face says it all!!

Finished with a fun day in the sun, we're all headed back to the ship!

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  1. Your all tan and extra pretty... So fun....... I like Ryan's tan as well;)