Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday we made our way into Belize. Belize used to be a English settlement so everyone speaks English. There are 3 stop lights in Belize City and 1 of them works. We started on a 45 minute bus ride, and traffic rules are more like a suggestion rather than law. After the bus ride we loaded into our boats and and had another 45 minute boat ride up the river through the jungle. After I heard we might see alligators, I swear I saw at least 12. Not really but at that point every branch in the water turned into a tail.
We arrived at the Lamanai ruins, which are ancient Mayan temples. It was pretty cool seeing something so old that was still in relatively good condition.

The first temple our guide showed us, we were not allowed to climb on. So when we went to the next one and he said we could climb to the top, I took off. I was racing someone, and when I got to the landing on the top, I panicked a little when I realized I still had to get down. It is steeper then it looks, and a little scary! Not to worry, we all made it back safe!

The made us yummy chicken, beans and rice! And I thought it was incredible.
We had another formal night on the ship that night..............
and Melanie and Sue got down with their badselves!!

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