Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Events!

Things have been awfully smiley around our house lately. Hudson has just been smiling and talking up a storm. He is so much fun to have around and just getting cuter and cuter.
Saturday we went to the pool with the girlfriends! Carol Ann and Johnathon are in town and we had to take them to our favorite pool. The water was warm enough that Hudson loved it, and then he decided he just wanted to lay out with aunt Kristen. (Not really, we are very careful about him being out in the sun, so he was only there for a second, so don't call Children's Services on me!)

Johnathon could not be any cuter! He has the cutest little personality and is so much fun to be around. Oh yea, Canne's not bad either. Just kidding, we love her!
Ryan scored us free tickets to a Ray Lamontagne/ Brandi Carlile (two of my favorite artists!) concert for Saturday night so we had to say goodbye to Hudson for the first time and leave him with Allen, Eva, and the girls for a few hours. That's not entirely true, I've left him with my mom a couple times, and my brother Matt, while Kate and I got pedis, but never for very long. It was hard for me for to say goodbye but we had such a good time and the concert was amazing and I knew her was in great hands! If you've never heard of them, get on itunes and check them out. Brandi was almost better live then on her albums. I would go to her concert again and again!
Hudson is fascinated by whistling! So we do it alot!!

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  1. Love his smiles! Cute pictures. I do love the picture of him sunbathing with Aunt Kristen! Can't wait to be there so I can go sunbathe with him!
    The Nana