Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Camryn and Brooklyn!

Last Friday my little baby girlies turned 3! I can't believe how fast it has gone by! So Friday night Ryan and I headed up to Nic and Steff's for a bbq and cake! We had a lot of fun and C & B were a hoot as always!
The next morning I got a call from Nic and he said that when Camryn and Brooklyn woke up they said they needed to call me because they didn't tell me thank you for the presents. So they got on the phone and told me thank you and they loved their princess dresses! So cute!

And this is an update on how big my baby is getting! I must say, he is not fat! He is fit! It makes Ryan mad because people always think he is a boxer bc he's not fat! So Ryan thinks we need to fatten him up so people know he's a bulldog!

I will say, in this picture he does kind of look fat, but don't be fooled, the camera adds 10 lbs!

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  1. Baby Moose is getting so big! He has to be fit- he lives with you guys! I LOVE that dress your wearing too! Only a few more weeks until we see each other! I am on the count down. I love C & B's new princess dresses! Your the best auntie around. Averi wore her new dress today and look so dang cute!