Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunny Days!

Steff and I went for a run to practice for a 5K we're running over the 4th of July! I know, she has better arms, but we're working on it!

My mom was in town this weekend for a wedding and Saturday was the perfect day to head out on the lake! My uncle Michael and Aunt Yvett brought their two boys and met us at the lake. It was so much fun. Jordan and Cameron popped right up on the wakeboard and Michael could not be out done. Everyone was pretty impressive!
My uncle Robert made this ski for Camryn and Brooklyn the summer before he died! Nic made a few minor changes and he determined to get them up on the skis! Camryn decided to give it a trial run before she fully committed!
Brooklyn did amazing! My favorite part was when she told Nic "Daddy, I'm ready to hop on the ski now!" And she wanted to do it over and over!
Isn't she so hot? My mom's not bad either! jk
A proud papa, the ski says "Riding for Robert"
My congratulatory (sp?) hug for wakeboarding
This was pre-boarding
This is me, Camryn, and Brooklyn, making Princess sugar cookies!


  1. FUN! I hope you thought "I sure wish Kate was here" during all your fun because I wish that I was there. And your cabin trip looks AMAZING. Where is it at?

  2. We did wish that, trust me! Ryan's cabin is up past Kamas, and we love it! We may have to have a little Clark gathering up there some time.