Monday, June 8, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!!

I went with my some of my best friends down to Vegas for a long weekend. My friend Carole Ann who moved to Nashville a year and a half ago was able to fly in and we met up with our friend April who moved back to Vegas a couple years ago. We went to see the Lion King which was absolutely magical. I could not believe or even begin to describe how incredible the costumes, singing, dancing, and acting was. We were also able to go to Bobby Flay's restaurant "Mesa Grill" which is some of the best food I've ever had.

This was at Serendipity where we had frozen hot chocolates, which were incredible! It was fun to go there after hearing so much about the one in New York!
April, Kristen, me, Carole Ann, Celina, and Lindsey

We also spend a lot of time at the pool

We found a place called Yogurtland which was a self serve yogurt bar with about 20 flavors of frozen yogurt and then 50 different kinds of topping you could put on it. It was hard to walk away with out one spoonful of everything.

I have some of the best friends in the world and ones that I know I will have forever! Thanks guys it was so much fun!

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  1. Here are my thoughts: 1- Why wasn't I invited? 2- Why are you so hot? 3- I saw the Lion King in LA forever ago and I agree, it's pretty magical. I need to see it again. 4- Why don't I have friends like yours? 5- I better you were pretty P.O.'d to come home to this crusty weather! See you on Friday (probably around 5)